Explore Atlantis The Palm Dubai with Google StreetView

What does our Senior Photographer Dan Root, Justin Timberlake and Kim Kardashian have in common? They have all been at the 924 metre sq. Royal Bridge Suite at Atlantis The Palm Dubai, which averages at £23,000 ($40,000) per night. Now, you can explore it on Google Maps with Street View | Trusted from the See Inside Group.

Hotel guests at this majestic 3 bedroom suite enjoy complimentary private 24-hour butler and chef service, personal training sessions, private dolphin encounters, among other amenities. The suite includes a 16-seater dining area and a special ultra-secure entrance.

Dan has had the privilege to be selected as the first person to complete a virtual tour of this exclusive suite ranked as the most costly in the Middle East, and amongst the top 3 most expensive suites in the world. Keeping in mind that the suite is accustomed to royalty, Hollywood celebrities and the ultra-rich; it was a proud moment that we were entrusted to showcase such an elaborate and exclusive setting.

Dubai 360, a virtual tour project encompassing the entire Emirate subsequently completed a virtual tour of the suite; however as they are utilising their own proprietary virtual tour system, it is not as readily accessible as a Google virtual tour.

To this day, the virtual tour by Dan is amongst the most comprehensive and popular virtual tours of this exclusive site. Apart from the honour of the endeavour, it gives us great joy to be able to showcase a facility most of us who don’t have a vast fortune to spend on a single night’s stay.
One of our key values at See Inside Group is to work with exclusive brands to make sites more accessible for the masses. Now with Google Cardboard, anyone can experience what it is like to walk into the most exclusive places on Earth.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai | 360 Video

Since completion of our virtual tour of Atlantis we’ve created this 360 video for our friends at Destinology giving an interactive experience with narration.

We will strive to continue to bring you more exotic locations in 2016.

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