The Christie Hospital

Manchester, United Kingdom

The Christie Hospital

The largest cancer centre in Europe isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you imagine who’d take advantage of virtual tour technology, but it makes perfect sense.

As a single site the grounds are huge and navigating any hospital can be difficult so the guys at The Christie comissioned See Inside Group to help digitally map their premises as a way for patients and visitors be able to plan their journey as well as inspect their facilities at a difficult time.

Photographed over two separate Saturdays to ensure the buildings we’re as empty as possible photographer Dan Root recalls “It was earily quiet, walking around an empty hospital was the strangest experience. I’m honoured to be part of this project though, a large proportion of the population is touched by cancer at some point in their lives and if our work helps comfort just one person, by ensuring they’re in a suitable environment then it’s worth doing.”

The Street View virtual tour of The Christie will appear on their new website launching in Feb 2016.


Christie Clinic, Private Suites

As part of a joint venture with HCA Hospitals The Christie Clinic provides healthcare and treatment for private patients, with upgraded facilities and modern, state-of-the-art suites See Inside Group has created an overarching virtual tour of the hospital for private and NHS patients.

Christie Clinic, Medical Facilities

With cutting edge technology such as robotic surgery theatres on display it’s easy to see why the Christie Clinic wish to showcase with a virtual tour as it’s not publicly accessible, the only place you can see such areas is online with Street View Trusted on Google Maps.

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