Lexus, Toyota, Kia & Nissan Car Dealerships

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Lexus Dealerships

Greater Manchester’s RRG Group commissioned See Inside Group to photograph all 25+ of their car dealerships including Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus.

Street View Trusted offered the ideal means to showcase vehicles to a large audience at the fraction of the cost of other less effective marketing collateral. We discovered that while people held on to brochures for a short period, they were eager to showcase a luxury vehicle to a great number of people afterwards for feedback via an interactive tour.

With the use of Google Cardboard, your tour turns into an immersive experience that is sure to wow your prospective customers. If you didn’t have enough time to bring along your partner, friends or family to the showroom to help you decide on the best car for you, with the assistance of Google Cardboard you can replicate the experience of being there in person.


Nissan Dealerships

We were eager to bring this service to a number of Nissan dealerships in the United Kingdom. The dealerships quickly discovered that the virtual tours were an extension of their conventional showrooms.  From the comfort of their homes, customers could visit their nearest dealerships to get an idea of what was on offer.

Showcasing Vehicle Interiors

What sets us apart from other photographers is the ability to accurately photograph inside each vehicle within the dealerships we work with allowing for a whole new virtual reality concept where customers can sit in a specific model with their smart device and Google Cardboard VR headset, it’s a cool and innovate way to reuse the content we provide at no additional cost.

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