Luxury Collection Hotels

Santorini | Greece

Luxury Collection Hotels

Hotels in The Luxury Collection are smaller establishments at historically significant sites. In Santorini, this means historic buildings overlooking rolling vineyards and the Aegean Sea. These hotels are made to cater to all your 5 senses and leaving you with unforgettable memories. The hotels follow the highest of standards undergoing routine inspection to ensure all client expectations are met.

When you have invested millions on such high-end luxury properties, it is worth investing in putting your best foot forward to perspective clients. As with many other luxury hotel and resort brands, Luxury Collection Hotels (a part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts) turned to the See Inside Group for the creation of professionally shot HD virtual tours.


Mystique, Santorini

The Mystique Hotel is a quiet little gem amongst the bustle of Oia or Ia a small town in the South Aegean on the islands of Santorini. Everything about the resort is amazing – when you are there you get to enjoy dazzling views of clear blue water and the Aegean Caldera.  Best of all, many of the  rooms are built like caves, giving you an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Vedema 5* Resort

Our lead photographer described the Vedema 5 Star Resort as a beautiful, charming resort that inspires relaxation from the minute you arrive. The location is located away from the major tourist area giving peace and tranquility to weary travelers. Through the virtual tour, you can navigate the scenic walkways that connect the site, it is like taking a walk through history.

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