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Basata Village

If you are looking for a genuine bedouin experience then look no further then the Basata Village in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Enjoy an exquisite authentic bedouin dinner and you will get the chance to experience the serenity and peace that desert travelers have experienced for centuries. The location is far away from the light pollution of metropolitan areas so you can truly feel connected with the stars above you at night.

The virtual tour has helped UAE residents and tourists alike to discover that the Basata Village is a family friendly destination. It has the facilities to make your visit both comfortable and that it is a rich cultural experience.

Street View Tours are perfect for remote destinations such as this one, because it can help travelers determine what the destination has to offer before setting off to the site.


Country Club at Banyan Tree Al Wadi

An oasis of peace awaits you at Banyan Tree Al Wadi and the country club will certainly not disappoint. It has been ranked as one of the finest country clubs in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah due to the care that has gone into its layout, design and the serene natural beauty of the site.

With an amazing variety of exciting and educational activities, the Kids’ Club at the Country Club is a haven for children. Bedtime stories under the stars, activities to learn about nature and new skills, and hundreds of engaging games and crafts make every moment at the club enjoyable for your growing children.

Simply relax and soak up the sights at this one of a kind destination.

Dhayah Fort

A remnant from the days in which the individual Emirates were isolated kingdoms protecting themselves from the outside world. Dhayah Fort is the only castle standing atop a mountainous dune in the UAE, which was used by ancient tribes to ward off invaders.

The fort can accommodate limited numbers of people, but it proved historically and militarily successful in facing the invaders. This was the last area to fall in the hands of the British in their long war against the Al Qawasim tribe.

Now this has become a must visit destination for amateur and professional historians interested in the military history of the United Arab Emirates.

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