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Revealing The Roch With Next-Gen Digital Assets

Just over 4 year ago when our StreetView Spherical Photographer Dan Root started working with search giant Google to bring their virtual tour network into and around local businesses, it seemed that his hometown of Rochdale was the perfect place to start. Today we’re delighted to showcase one of our local projects with Rochdale Council with next generation digital coverage of the revealing of the River Roch.

As part of our support to Rochdale Council, we provided a linked StreetView constellation allowing anyone around the world to visit the site on Google Maps either on desktop or mobile device, combined with the StreetView app and a head mounted display such as Cardboard, it allows anyone to be immersed in a virtual reality environment to allow them to “walk” around the digital recreation environment of the environment.

In a week where Dan created his first article for digital news network The Drum on the subject of virtual reality, this is what we believe to be the first time a public body has chosen to showcase a completed project with VR in mind. While the use of visual devices are still to reach mainstream consumers we use Google Maps. At the time of writing the mini tour has been viewed over 2500 times, this is purely organic traffic as there has been no promotion prior to Rochdale Borough Council’s media pack release.¬†

 Revealing The Roch on Google StreetView

As part of our newly launched drone series, we visited the site with our quadcopter in order to create a promotional video for more traditional media outlets. Despite the turning weather and a lot of inquisitive by standers we managed to create a short clip as an overview of the completed river opening within the town. The general opinion is that the completed feature is a vast improvement to the area that is soon to be home to a new retail destination which of course we’ll be adding to Google Maps in due course.

Be sure to visit the official Revealing The Roch celebrations on 25th June to mark the opening of the river and unveiling of the previously covered historic bridge

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