Star Wars Cinematic Universe On StreetView

With the release of Star Wars, The Force Awakens almost upon us, we’ve seen brands associate themselves (sometimes very loosely) with the film that’s sure to smash a number of box office records. Here at the See Inside Group we’ve worked with independent fan convention For The Love of The Force to showcase their exhibits with Street View | Trusted.

For one weekend only, Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester became the focal point for Star Wars enthusiasts around the world as the 3 day fan convention attracted 20,000 visitors for what has been described by some of the original cast members as “the best convention [they] have ever attended”. For organisers Andy Kleek and Carl Whitley it made their months of planning and hard work to bring the event together, worthwhile.

While For The Love of The Force may become an annual exhibition, the team at the See Inside Group decided to reach out to the event in order to bring our Google cameras in order to add the venue to Street View while set up for the thousands of Star Wars fans.

Now it’s completely integrated into Maps, you’re able to explore the high-rise Ewok Village and working Cantina Bar, walk around a life size replica of an X-Wing before virtually entering the cockpit to get a rebel fighter’s view, this shot was specifically taken for viewing in Google Cardboard, the build-it-yourself Virtual Reality headset powered by Android and iOS smartphones.

We’ve brought all our interactive imagery together in order to create a unique user experience that combines and Street View | Trusted 360 photography with audio inspired by the film franchise and overlaid text information relating to characters and the digital environment.

For The Love of The Force is an independent Star Wars fan conventionĀ and is in no way connected to Disney or Lucasfilm.

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